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Lake Abrau

Озеро Абрау

Lake Abrau is the pearl of the resort and the largest lake in Krasnodar region and the North-West Caucasus. Many travelers compare this place with Lake Garda or the famous lakes of Switzerland.

In translation from Circassian "Abrau" - "collapse", "Dyurso" in translation from Turkic languages ​​means "four springs".

It is believed that the lake was formed at the site of a deep dip, and the Dyurso River is fed by four springs.

This picturesque lake is more than 3,100 m long, 630 m wide, and an area of ​​180 hectares.

Squeezed from all sides by mountains covered with forests and vineyards, the lake lies in a deep thicket at an altitude of 84 meters above sea level.

In some places the shores are steep, rocky, in places flat. Lake Abrau feeds on the waters of streams and springs flowing from the surrounding peaks to underground springs. It is assumed that the lake has an underground flow to the sea. This is indicated by the absence of marsh vegetation and the constant freshness of the water. Poplars, oaks and hornbeams, bushes, weeping willows grow on the shores of the lake. The blue waters of Abrau are not transparent due to the predominance of marl rocks in the vicinity, but they are very clean. In summer, the lake warms up to 28 degrees, and in winter it rarely freezes completely.

The lake is home to crayfish, carp, sea-roach, grass carp, bream, silver carp and other fish species. Fishing from the shore and from a boat without a motor is allowed.

In 1974, Lake Abrau was recognized as a natural monument, since then agriculture, including the cultivation of grapes, directly on its shores has been prohibited. The areas that used to be vineyards were planted with pine trees.

Озеро Абрау

Lake Abrau

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