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Sukko Lake

Озеро Сукко

\n Unique Sukko Lake is located in Sukko Valley, which is 12 km to the south of the town-resort Anapa and 5 km to the north of the settlement Big Utrish. The settlement is located on the Black Sea coast, in the valley of the river of the same name, surrounded by mountains. The Caucasus Mountains originate exactly from this place; therefore, the surrounding mountains are not high and only start to gain growth.\n<\/p>\n

\n Sukko Lake, the same as the settlement, was named after a small rivulet flowing through the valley and debouching into the sea. Translated from one of the Turkic languages, the name of the settlement means “sea pig” (“су” is translated as “water”, “кько” — as “pig”); it is commonly believed that it is exactly how dolphins were called by local residents. According to another version, it has Adygei roots and originates from “шукъо”, which means “the valley of goodness” or “the river valley” (“су” means water, river and “къо” — valley).\n<\/p>\n

\n The main attraction of Sukko Lake is undoubtedly a group of beautiful trees, which grow right on the lake. These noble cypress trees, contrary to the laws of nature, leaning on the water surface, tend to rise above the mountains that surround them. These trees grow in North America — in Florida, Texas and some areas of Mexico, where they reach the height of up to 50 meters and are known as Taxodium distichum, or Swamp cypress. Swamp cypress was imported from America to Europe about in the middle of the 17th century. Cypress trees were imported into the territory of Kuban as an experiment in the 30s of the 20th century. The grove was planted in 1934-1935, and it consists of 32 trees. The local climate suited to Cypress trees ’taste, they stroke roots very well. 

\n To save swamp cypress trees and their habitat, the Natural monument of regional significance “Swamp Cypress” was established on September 14, 1983 by the Decision of Krasnodar Regional Executive Committee of the Regional Council of People’s Deputies No. 488. The area is 0.4 hectares. The swamp cypress grove on Sukko Lake is listed in the Red Book.\n<\/p>\n

\n The unique properties of wood withstand decay processes, for which it was named eternal wood, which is especially valued for its beautiful colour, incredible durability and lightness.\n<\/p>\n

\n Swamp cypress is quite a large coniferous tree with a tender green crown and a thick cone-shaped trunk. In different seasons it acquires various colours and shades, due to which it becomes something like a chameleon in the flora of Krasnodar Region. This plant is very decorative in spring with delicate, colourful foliage and in autumn, when the crown acquires various shades — from dark green to golden yellow and copper-red. The cypress is also beautiful in winter without leaves and with reddish trunks that are straight as masts. After looking at these magnificent trees, you understand the essence of the phrase “slender as a cypress” and unconsciously straighten your back in order to be in line with the natural environment.\n<\/p>\n

\n Sukko Lake is an excellent place where you can spend an unforgettable day alone with nature, get a charge of vivacity and energy, and improve your health.\n<\/p>\n

\n Fishing lovers can enjoy an excellent biting (crucian, sazan, carp live in Sukko Lake) and go home in a great mood and with a decent catch.\n<\/p>\n

\n Ministry of resorts, tourism and the Olympic legacy of Krasnodar Region / https://kurortkuban.ru/<\/a> \n<\/p>

Озеро Сукко

Sukko Lake

Krasnodar region, Anapa, rural locality Sukko

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