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Monument to the Unconquered

Памятник «Непокоренным»

At the entrance to Novorossiysk from Krasnodar in the village of Vladimirovka, against a background of greenery, a hundred meters from the road there rises a light obelisk twenty meters high with a sculptural group at the base. "Unconquered" - this is how Novorossiysk citizens called this monument.

There is a memorial plaque on the pedestal of the monument. The inscription on it reads: "To the Unconquered. Tortured and executed here in 1943 by the fascist invaders of Novorossiysk and paratroopers of the Soviet army. Eternal glory to those who fell for the freedom and independence of our beloved Motherland!"

The monument was opened on September 16, 1963, to the 20th anniversary of the defeat of the Nazi troops in Novorossiysk.

Authors: sculptor I. Shmagun, architects K. Mikhailov and E. Lashuk.

Памятник «Непокоренным»

Monument to the Unconquered

Krasnodar region, Novorossiysk

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