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Sanatorium Alean Family Resort & Spa Doville

Санаторий Alean Family Resort & Spa Doville

Alean Family Resort & Spa Doville is a family resort that is part of the Alean Family Resort Collection.

Guests can count on the most complete range of services for families with children, in addition to which are offered health and medical services.

It has its own equipped beach.

The resort is suitable for combining family holidays with the wellness of all family members. The Health and Beauty Center offers a wide range of beauty rituals, wellness treatments, as well as comprehensive body and face care programs for children and adults. All programs include procedures based on natural healing factors, such as therapeutic mud, mineral salts, hydrogen sulphide water. In addition, the resort offers spa treatment programs for children and adults.

The main specialization within which the treatment is provided: diseases of the respiratory system, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the cardiovascular system, diseases of the nervous system, diseases of the endocrine system and pediatrics.

The Health and Beauty Center has developed individual programs for weight correction, maintaining harmony and cleansing the body of toxins. The Healthy Vessels and Pressure program normalizes blood flow in the body, helps cleanse the walls of blood vessels and ensures the normal functioning of the entire circulatory system. The program "No allergies!" dedicated to the prevention and treatment of hay fever. The "Antistress" program restores and strengthens the nervous system, increases physical activity, restores capacity for work and a surge of strength. Suitable for both men and adults. "The secret of youth" - improvement of metabolism, activation of microcirculation of blood and lymph, renewal and regeneration of skin cells, increased tone, restoration of elasticity of muscle fibers. "Slim silhouette" - improving the tone, firmness and elasticity of the skin, smoothing the contours and reducing body volume. The "Detox Light" program includes computer diagnostics of the body, consultation with a nutritionist, cosmetologist, exercise therapy session, "Rejuvenation and Firmness" procedure, aromatic salt scrub and massage in a hammam, underwater shower massage, pressure therapy, Charcot's shower, anti-cellulite massage of the thighs and buttocks , facial and body care procedures using organic THANN cosmetics, ultrasound cavitation (abdominal area), "Alma" magnetotherapy, detox nutrition, the use of highly alkaline water and herbal tea.

Guests can enjoy a visit to the hammam, Finnish sauna, Roman or herbal bath at any time, after which they can relax in the relaxation area, indulge in herbal tea or detox water with mint and lemon.

The Alean Family Resort & Spa Doville has a branch of the clinic of Dr. S.V. Chechil. A well-known chiropractor, head physician and owner of his own clinic in Moscow, helps guests to get rid of spinal diseases, improve blood circulation, restore the functions of internal organs, and cure diseases such as migraine, vegetative-vascular dystonia.

Санаторий Alean Family Resort & Spa Doville

Sanatorium Alean Family Resort & Spa Doville

Krasnodar region, Anapa, Pionersky Prospect, 14

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