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Sanatorium Alean Family Resort & Spa Riviera

Санаторий Alean Family Resort & Spa Riviera

Alean Family Resort & Spa Riviera is a family resort that is part of the Alean Family Resort Collection. Each guest can count on the most complete range of services for the recreation of parents with children, including health and medical services.

We also took care of our own equipped beaches with catering and equipment rental, as well as a well-thought-out infrastructure for families with children.

Particular attention is paid to little guests. For children, children's clubs are organized with developmental programs from 1 to 3 years old, from 3 to 6 years old, from 6 years old and above, as well as teenage TEEN clubs.

Alean Family Resort & Spa Riviera is ideal for combining family holidays with wellness for all family members. The Health and Beauty Center offers a wide range of wellness procedures for guests, as well as comprehensive body and face care programs for children and adults. All programs include procedures based on natural healing factors, such as therapeutic mud, mineral salts, hydrogen sulphide water.

Guests can enjoy a visit to the hammam, Finnish sauna, Roman or herbal bath at any time, after which they can relax in the relaxation area, indulge in herbal tea or detox water with mint and lemon.

The spa treatment programs for children and adults are very popular.

The main specialization within which the treatment is provided: diseases of the respiratory system, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the cardiovascular system, diseases of the nervous system, diseases of the endocrine system and pediatrics.

The Health and Beauty Center has developed individual programs for weight correction, maintaining harmony and cleansing the body of toxins. Among them is the body slimming program. The course of procedures, which has a pronounced lymphatic drainage effect, allows you to improve metabolism, lymph flow, remove toxins and excess fluid from the body. In addition, the skin is saturated with nutrients and microelements, tissue is strengthened, the production of collagen and elastin is increased, and cellulite is reduced.

Spa program "Ultra Relax", designed for both men and women. It will help to avoid chronic fatigue, calm down and relax, relieve stress and muscle tension. The course will speed up metabolic processes in the body, increase the regeneration of skin cells, and improve metabolism.

The program for the treatment of chronic fatigue will help relieve the symptoms of a dangerous disease, calm the nervous system, and improve metabolism.

The Healthy Vessels program is aimed at cleaning the walls of blood vessels and improving the functioning of the circulatory system. After a course of procedures, you will feel lightness and vigor throughout the body and forget about ailments.

"Slim silhouette" improves skin tone, firmness and elasticity, smoothes the contours of the figure and reduces body volume.

"The Secret of Youth" improves metabolism, activates blood and lymph microcirculation, renews and regenerates skin cells, improves tone, restores the elasticity of muscle fibers.

"Antistress" - restoration and strengthening of the nervous system, excellent health, increased physical activity, restoration of working capacity and a surge of strength.

"Weight correction program" will help to painlessly improve metabolism, remove waste and toxins from the body. After completing the course of procedures, excellent forms and great mood are provided.

Deep peeling according to the "Beautiful tan" program allows you to remove the stratum corneum of the face and body, cleanse and saturate it with moisture. All you need to get the perfect tan is to trust the specialists of the beauty center.

The course of spa treatments "Future Mom" ​​will help expectant mothers to regain calmness and self-confidence, avoid fatigue and discomfort associated with the restructuring of many body functions, changes in hormonal levels. The program is aimed at deep cleansing and rejuvenation of the skin, increasing its tone, relieving leg swelling, fatigue and discomfort, and relaxation.

The Young Mom program was created for those who dream of restoring their perfect figure after childbirth, relaxing and just taking some time for themselves. A course of procedures designed for young mothers, including nursing mothers, helps to saturate the body with oligoelements and minerals, remove toxins and excess fluid.

There are also programs for children. The course of procedures "Healthy Child" is aimed at treating children who are often and for a long time, preserving the health of babies and preventing severe complications on organs and systems of the body.

Санаторий Alean Family Resort & Spa Riviera

Sanatorium Alean Family Resort & Spa Riviera

Krasnodar region, Anapa, Pionersky prospect, 28

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