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Sanatorium "Globus"

Санаторий «Глобус»

In the sanatorium they treat lower respiratory tract diseases, upper respiratory tract diseases (except tuberculosis), somatic diseases, kidney and urinary tract diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular system, immune system diseases, allergic diseases, skin and subcutaneous tissue diseases, nervous system diseases, diseases musculoskeletal system. 

Massage, exercise therapy, physiotherapy, inhalation, thermotherapy, drinking pump room with medicinal-table mineral water, phytobar, bathtubs (pearl, iodine-bromine) are available as well.

Number of beds - 856.

Distance from the beach - 150 meters. 

Type of beach - sandy. 

Pool availability - no. 

Seasonality - year-round. 

Sports field - available.

Training in the autumn-winter period - available.

Amenities - in the block. 

Food - 5 meals a day. 

Санаторий «Глобус»

Sanatorium "Globus"

6 Sanatorny lane, Vityzevo village, Anapa, Krasnodar region

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