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Sanatorium "Brigantina"

Санаторий  «Бригантина»

Near the sea, where the strip of the famous golden beach begins, there is a sanatorium with the treatment "Brigantina".

The medical and diagnostic center of the Brigantina sanatorium, equipped with the most modern equipment, will hospitably open its doors to you.

The medical and prophylactic base is intended for the treatment of diseases: respiratory system (from pathology of ENT organs to bronchial asthma); musculoskeletal system (diseases of the joints and spine); nervous system (neuritis, radiculitis, neurocirculatory dystonia); partly skin, urological and gynecological pathologies; of cardio-vascular system.

To do this, there are: a bathing department using hydro, aero massage, underwater shower massage, showers: sharko, ascending, circular, balneological baths with medicinal salts, herbs and emulsions, mud therapy using local silt-sulfide mud, halo speleo chamber creation of the effect of salt caves, magnetoturbotherapy - treatment with a rotating magnetic field, dry carbon dioxide baths, dry radon baths, carboxy and ozone therapy, inhalations (heat-moist, oil, ultrasonic, with vibration massage of the respiratory tract), apparatus physiotherapy (laser-magnetotherapy, UHF, EHF, darsonvalism, SUP, West, Cascade, Irga, Polyus M, medical massage, mechanical foot massage, monitor bowel cleaning, cryosauna (cold treatment), diagnostics (ultrasound ultrasound diagnostics, EKG-six-channel Schiller apparatus with data interpretation), clinical laboratory diagnostics - all types of analyzes, dental office (treatment, prosthetics, oral hygiene, X-ray n), X-ray of the chest, spine, joints, ENT organs, studies of the esophagus, intestines, stomach, urography, phytobar.

The infrastructure of the sanatorium includes eight residential buildings, a medical building, where guests of the sanatorium can receive a range of medical services for health improvement and prevention, a spa salon, a sauna with swimming pools. For entertainment on the territory of the sanatorium, a complex of four swimming pools with water slides, a pool bar, an animation area, a sports ground, a green area, a decorative pond with fish, a cafe "Cossack Kuren", as well as a grocery store and spa goods, a hairdresser, a pharmacy, parking ...

Guests of the sanatorium can choose for themselves entertainment for every taste: four outdoor swimming pools, including a mini water park, hydromassage and children's pool, a play area on the territory of the pool - table tennis, air hockey, darts, daily day and evening animation: master classes, themed parties, sports competitions, aqua aerobics, water games, children's - outdoor games, educational games, entertainment programs, creative workshops, discos, sports ground (volleyball court, exercise equipment), - children's playroom with a tutor, children's playground, Wi- Fi art cafe "Coctail", cafe intermediate food "Yolochka".

Sandy beach 350 meters from the resort. The beach area is fenced, under video surveillance, there are shady awnings, sun loungers, storage cells for valuables, a volleyball court, a rescue and medical center, changing rooms, showers, a cooler with drinking water.

Санаторий  «Бригантина»

Sanatorium "Brigantina"

Krasnodar region, Anapa, Divny proezd street, 15

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