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Family Nesterov winery at the complex "Vinoterria"

Семейная винодельня Nesterov winery при комплексе «Винотеррия»

In addition to the author's cuisine, "Vinterria" offers its guests specially designed gastronomic sets, consisting of three red or white wines with selected dishes.

You can also stop here to rest in one of the 8 cozy and spacious rooms of various categories on the second floor of the complex. A picturesque view of the vineyards from the panoramic windows of the winery and the hotel gives a feeling of lightness, freedom and peace.

During the warmer months, it is possible for visitors to organize a picnic in the fresh air among their own vineyards. Unique wine events, tasting events and gastronomic projects are held in Vinterria. For example, “Wine Night” with the intellectual and entertaining game “Vikiterria”, free tastings dedicated to one grape variety, eco-activities for vineyard care, harvesting, grape stomping. Festivals of author's wine are especially popular with a choice of the best wine of the festival, according to guests.

The sociocultural project "National Cuisine" introduces the guests of the complex to the cuisines of different regions and countries. For this, chefs of popular restaurants are invited, each of which represents the cuisine that is closest to him. Thus, visitors have the opportunity to try Yakutsk, Black Sea, Ukrainian, Italian and other national dishes in one evening.

Due to its location, the complex organizes weekend tours, which include accommodation, excursions, wine and gastronomy and participation in various activities of the "Wine Territory". This place is perfect for people who like to relax exquisitely and have a measured time. For large and friendly families and companies who value comfort and know how to admire the beauty of nature. For those looking for harmony and wanting to be alone with themselves.

Семейная винодельня Nesterov winery при комплексе «Винотеррия»

Family Nesterov winery at the complex "Vinoterria"

Krasnodar region, 23 km of the Novorossiysk-Kerch highway, opposite the village Semigorsky

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