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Kiselyov Rock

Скала Кисилёва

A vertical wall of silicified marls and sandstones drops straight into the water. This is a precious treasure, a natural monument Kiselev Rock. At the beginning of the 20th century, there were about 20 dachas at Cape Kadosh. Among them were the wonderful dacha of the engineer Korobov with a tower in the form of a castle, the dacha of the mayor Krivenko and the dacha of the itinerant artist Alexander Alexandrovich Kiselyov (1838–1911). After he painted the painting "The Rock of Tears", the rock was named after him.

An old Adyghe legend is associated with the rock. In ancient times, there were many orchards on the territory of Kadosh, which were owned by the rich prince Akuach. He had a daughter, the beautiful Guache. Her favorite place was the seaside rock (Kiselev rock), which the Circassians later called the Rock of Tears. After the death of Akuach, Guash became the owner of the estate. She hid the treasures she inherited from her father. Once Guash fell in love with a dzhigit from an aul located in the area of ​​modern Dzhubga.

Dzhigit Dysheek wooed Guash. The beauty appointed a place from where he was to secretly take her away. It was a rock. She said that it would be possible to find her by the burning fire. Gouache was waiting for her beloved, but decided to try him for the last time. She put the lamp on the log and pushed it into the sea. Dysheek came to the rock in rich clothes, under which there was chain mail. He understood the cunning of his bride. He went down on horseback to the sea and led him into the water to the fire. When it got deep, the horse swam, but quickly fizzled out in the waves. And the fire still beckoned. When the horse went under the water, Dyshek only managed to throw off his cloak. He was strong and dexterous, but his clothes and chain mail pulled to the bottom. So he got to the fire and grabbed him, but he didn't have enough strength to swim back. He loved the beautiful Guache more than anything in life, and he valued honor more than even life itself.

Guash saw as the horseman rushed into the sea, how the light went out. She began to wait for his return. And the sea seethed and raged, huge waves crashed against the rock. For a long time, but in vain, the beauty called her groom. Since then, Guash has become quiet and stood for a long time by the cliff, looking into the depths of the sea. There she sang songs and shed rivers of tears. That is why the rock was nicknamed "The Rock of Tears". Once Guash was sitting on a cliff and knitting, but the ball ran away from her down the cliff. Guash realized that she could not live without her beloved, and threw herself off the cliff into the sea. There, the waves buried her next to her beloved.

Much time has passed. There is no trace left of Akuach's possessions, and the folk memory keeps legends about treasures and ardent love Guash and Dyshek. Shepherds say that sometimes groans, crying and sad songs are heard on the rock at night. And every year, on that terrible night, when Dyshek died, as if you can see how a horseman comes out of the sea, and a young maiden rushes to him from the cliff, after which everything disappears.

Скала Кисилёва

Kiselyov Rock

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