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Stadium Fisht

Стадион «Фишт»

The stadium got its name from the mountain peak of the same name in the western part of the Main Caucasus ridge (translated from the Adyghe language, the word "fisht" means "white head").

The proximity of the stadium construction site to the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains largely determined the choice of the architectural concept. The idea of ​​opposing mountains and sea became the main source of inspiration for architects.

The architectural composition of the Central Stadium has no analogues. The stadium was originally supposed to resemble an Easter egg. However, a project was approved, according to which the arena became at the same time the image of a shell and a snowy peak.

The six-story oval structure from above resembles a giant half-open shell. Seen from the side, the use of light translucent polycarbonate roofing allows for the effect of visual similarity of this most important Olympic venue with a snow-covered mountain peak.

Fisht Stadium, which hosted the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games, has now been reconstructed into a football arena in accordance with FIFA requirements. In 2018, games of the group stage of the FIFA World Cup are planned here, and in 2017 matches of the Confederations Cup, a major international football tournament, will take place.

The total area of ​​the stadium is 151,400 square meters. The size of the football field with natural turf is 115 meters by 78 meters, or 8,970 square meters. The size of the asphalt concrete base with sports coverage around the field is 2,970 square meters. Thus, the total area of ​​the playing arena is almost 12,000 square meters.

The Fisht stadium can accommodate 45 thousand spectators at a time.

Стадион «Фишт»

Stadium Fisht

Krasnodar region, Sochi, Adler district, Olympic Prospect, 15

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