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Abrau-Durso Wine Tourism Center

Центр винного туризма «Абрау-Дюрсо»

\n The Abrau-Durso Wine Tourism Center is the most visited wine tourism destination in the world.\n<\/p>\n

\n Tourists can travel through the old tunnels built at the end of the 19th century by Knyazh Lev Golitsyn, when Abrau-Durso belonged to the royal family. Guides provide visitors with a behind-the-scenes look at the process of making sparkling wine.\n<\/p>\n

\n Tourists are able to witnesses the entire process of champaign making, and learn the meaning of the mysterious French words: «cuvee», «remuage», and «degorgage». They also learn to distinguish classical winemaking from Charmat and other modern methods, and have a chance to acquire the skills of professional wine-tasters.\n<\/p>\n

\n At the Museum of Glory, visitors learn the history of Abrau-Durso -- not just about its achievements and awards, but about the people whose labor has brought fame and glory to the label. The Hall of Glory includes portraits, photographs, awards, cups, medals, labels, and museum artifacts. The whole 145-year history of Abrau-Durso is available every visitor to learn.\n<\/p>\n

\n The Chateau — a panoramic site lost in the mountains among the vineyards — is available for the guests from June 1 till September 30. It provides a breathtaking view over the vineyards, the Caucasus mountains, Lake Abrau, and the Black Sea. The true spirit of Abrau-Durso reveals itself here.\n<\/p>\n

\n The pride of Abrau-Durso are the vineyards situated in the immediate proximity of the estate.  The vineyards were arranged here over 145 years ago. At present their total area is 640 hectares and continues to grow each year.\n<\/p>\n

\n For Abrau-Durso visotors, there are hiking routes as well as roads for the off-roads vehicles and ATVs. Walking along the trails, one can enjoy the views over the valley of Lake Abrau, the mountain ranges, and the Black Sea.\n<\/p>\n

\n Abrau-Durso also invites all those who wish to experience the engrossing gastronomical workshops at the Abrau-Durso culinary school. Here, each guest can play the role of a real chef. The school carries out the professional retraining of chefs and advanced courses in different specialties. The training is carried out by the best chefs. Talented international chefs share their secrets and inform visitors about the current gastronomical trends and cuisines of people all over the world.\n<\/p>\n

\n Every year Abrau-Durso hosts major events dedicated to wine and gastronomical tourism.\n<\/p>\n

\n Ministry of Resorts, Tourism, and Olympic Heritage of Krasnodar Krai / https://kurortkuban.ru/<\/a>\n<\/p>

Центр винного туризма «Абрау-Дюрсо»

Abrau-Durso Wine Tourism Center

Krasnodar region, Novorossiysk, Abrau-Durso village, Promyshlennaya str.,19

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