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Tuapse Theater for Young Spectators

Туапсинский театр юного зрителя

Founded on January 13, 1991. In September 2010, Alexander Vladimirovich Lukhin was appointed the artistic director of the Tuapse Youth Theater. The older generation of Tuapse residents still remember their idols: Valentina Pika, Eduard Tylchik, Valentina Nemchinova, Valentin Lugovoy, Valentina Skokova, Klara Kudryavtseva. A whole galaxy of talented directors: A. Steinbock, K. Shchedrin, K. Nikolaev, A. Karabashyan - devoted the best years of her life to the development of theatrical art in Tuapse.

In the late 60s, the future great actor Andrei Nikolaevich Boltnev played in the then People's Tuapse Theater, and in the early 70s, Pavel Kaplevich, now widely known in the world of theater and cinema, joined the mystery of the theater in various roles on the Tuapse stage.

In the assets of the Tuapse Youth Theater for two decades, there were more than fifty performances, technically inventive. Formally rich performances coexist with quite traditional, academic solutions, where one can feel the Russian psychological school of acting and scenography. And the repertoire has always been very diverse. Performances of a wide variety of genres and styles attract both children and adults. The palette of leading figures of domestic and foreign drama, presented on the stage of the Youth Theater, is far from ordinary: A. Pushkin and G.Kh. Andersen, A. Ostrovsky and S. Mrozhek, B. Lavrenev and Stefan Tsanev, A. Makayonok and A. Chekhov, J. Supervielle and L. Zhukhovitsky, G. Cornelison and S. Kozlov, L. Korsunsky and L. Razumovskaya, V Zherebtsov and J.F. Renyard.

Dozens of performances were staged on the Tuapse stage by A.S. Karabashyan, who more than once played the role of a playwright. However, he also knew how to attract gifted directors from outside. Larisa Torzhensmeh, Ravil Gilyazetdinov, Andrei Sharypov, Alexander Tarasov, Alexander Slobozhanin - and this is not a complete list of stage directors who revealed their professional talent in the Tuapse Youth Theater and won the hearts of the audience with their skill.

Туапсинский театр юного зрителя

Tuapse Theater for Young Spectators

Krasnodar region, Tuapse, st. Tamanskaya, 18

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