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Oyster production "Sea Club"

Устричное производство «Морской клуб»

There is an oyster farm in Bolshoy Utrish in the Black Sea. For almost 10 years, the Pacific giant oyster Crassostrea gigas has been grown here. Especially for this, the "Biotechnological regulations for growing oysters in the Black Sea" were developed based on the ecological and physiological characteristics of molluscs. The process of rearing juvenile oysters has been established directly in the open part of the Black Sea.

Growing shellfish is a complex and time-consuming process that takes about 2 years.

The technological process of growing oysters on carriers specially exposed in the sea includes the following stages: obtaining juvenile oysters (spat) independently or purchasing it (in spring: May-June or in autumn: September-October); oyster storage in closed systems with running water treated with UV light; placing oyster fry in baskets with a given density; carrying baskets out to sea on carriers; constant monitoring of the condition of oysters for two years every 2-3 months - deconsolidation of oysters in the process of their growth, removal of dead oysters, cleaning oysters and baskets from fouling; stimulation of spawning of sexually mature individuals. This stage is carried out on the shore and excludes the possibility of oyster larvae entering the sea.

For commercial growing of oysters, specialized baskets or plastic containers-bags are used, which allow growing up to 500 pieces of selected oysters in each.

Here in the restaurant everyone will be told and shown how to use oysters correctly, what drinks are combined with them, as well as the benefits of sea molluscs for the body.

Устричное производство «Морской клуб»

Oyster production "Sea Club"

Krasnodar region, Anapa, Bolshoy Utrish, the shore of Solyonoye Lake (Zmeinoe)

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