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Rope extreme park

Веревочный экстрим-парк

For fans of extreme recreation in the Tuapse district, a special rope park was opened, which is located in the forest zone near the village of Tenginka and is a complex of attractions - an obstacle course located at a height of 2 to 6 meters. You can overcome them by walking on ropes, ropes, ropes and wobbly steps.

The air route includes four routes of varying difficulty. The latter is connected to the former by means of a trolley descent. You can also experience the sensation of flying by descending from the crown of a thousand-year-old oak, the length of the cable car is 150 meters.

The attraction is intended both for children from 5 years old and for adults of any age. At all stages of transitions and descents, the insurance system is thought out in detail. Visitors are accompanied by professional instructors.

Веревочный экстрим-парк

Rope extreme park

Krasnodar region, Tuapse District, Tenginka village

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