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Karakezidi Winery

Винодельческий Дом Каракезиди

Everything in the household breathes with that purity and simplicity, which is characteristic of past centuries. Oak vats and barrels, thatched roofs, hand crushers, bread ovens - all this involuntarily makes you forget about the daily hustle and bustle.

Living wine produced in the courtyard has a truly healing effect. Since it does not contain any additives or preservatives that are harmful to the body, many people note the positive effects of Stretto for the body and even take it for therapeutic purposes.

Tourists are offered excursions to vineyards and a winery, wine tasting and delicious homemade goat cheese. The courtyard has a hotel with 20 rooms.

Винодельческий Дом Каракезиди

Karakezidi Winery

7th Proezd str., country cooperative society "Kolos", Kutok khutor, Anapa, Krasnodar region

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