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Winery "Southern Wine Company"

Винодельческое хозяйство «Южная винная компания»

"South Wine Company" - a branch of JSC "OCHAKOVO" is located between the Black and Azov Seas, on the Taman Peninsula, in the village of Vyshesteblievskaya.

"South Wine Company" produces wines exclusively from its own grapes. This allows you to preserve the purity of the varieties and reflect in the drink all the features of the region (abundance of sun and richness of soil). The ideal location of the vineyards is in Taman between two seas, where the sun shines for 280 days a year, allowing grapes to accumulate a large amount of sugar, acid, tannins and coloring agents.

Winery "South Wine Company" has prepared excursion programs for the guests of the region, which will give new impressions of rest on the Taman Peninsula. The program includes excursions around the winery, vineyards, wine tastings in cozy gazebos with panoramic views of the Kiziltash and Tsokur estuaries. Wine baths, master classes for beginners, one-day tours to the winery, full immersion in rural and wine tourism, photo sessions in the vineyards, romantic dinners, meeting the sunset with a view of Bugaz.

Винодельческое хозяйство «Южная винная компания»

Winery "Southern Wine Company"

Krasnodar region, Temryuk district, Vysteblievskaya village, st. Zastanichnaya, 4 A

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