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Winery "Villa Victoria"

Винодельня «Вилла Виктория»

Winery "Villa Victoria", located in the vicinity of Novorossiysk, produces fine wines of high quality in small volumes. Here, winemaking is treated like jewelry work - this allows you to control the entire process of wine production.

To produce excellent drinks, the grape seedlings were selected by Villa Victoria's consultant, the flying winemaker John Voronchak, who controls the production processes at the winery.

The company produces natural grape wines using resource-saving and environmentally friendly technologies. Moreover, such wines, which in the European classification would be designated by the IGT category, that is, high-quality "premium" wines, wines that combine in their taste the peculiarities of the climate, wind roses, soil and the location of the slopes on which the grapes were grown.

Винодельня «Вилла Виктория»

Winery "Villa Victoria"

Krasnodar region, Novorossiysk, Leninsky Put village, Anapskaya street, 56

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