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Pond "Devil's font"

Водоем «Чёртова купель»

At the initial stage of the journey along the route of the Agura waterfalls, tourists have a view of a gloomy reservoir of small size, which is shrouded in high and steep rocks. This place is called "Devil's Font". Here, in one of the rocks, you can see a slightly frightening opening of the Devil's Hole cave. "Devil's font" in the Agura gorge is a small but deep lake formed by the Agura river. Water enters the lake through a water slope located in the depths of the Agura canyon.

In hot weather, the lake dries up and there is a great opportunity to visit the cave. Entering the cave, you can see two passages: one is in the upper part to the right of the entrance, the second, narrowing, leads straight. If you shine a flashlight in the direction of the upper passage, you can see a lot of bats. The “Devil's Font” is always shaded, the water in it is almost not warmed up by the sun, so the water in the lake is 0.5–1 degrees lower than in the main part of the river.

Tourists visiting this attraction are advised to wear comfortable, non-slip shoes and take a flashlight with them.

Водоем «Чёртова купель»

Pond "Devil's font"

Krasnodar region, Sochi, st. Agurskoe Gorge, 1

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