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Army cathedral in the name of the holy blessed prince Alexander Nevsky

Войсковой собор во имя святого благоверного князя Александра Невского

On May 28, 2006, the Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky in Krasnodar celebrated its rebirth.

The original temple was founded on April 1, 1853 by Archimandrite Nikon and the Black Sea Troops Archpriest Kucherov. The cathedral was built according to the project of brothers Ivan and Elisey Chernik. The building was brick, the domes were made of iron from the Demidov plant. The walls were decorated with gilded moldings. The carved iconostasis, also gilded, was made by Fyodor Rubtsov. The icons of the temple were painted by the St. Petersburg artel of artists under the direction of F.S. Zhuravleva.

The military cathedral was consecrated on November 8, 1872 in the name of the holy noble Prince Alexander Nevsky, who is considered the heavenly patron of the Kuban Cossacks. Five-domed, with a side-chapel in honor of Michael the Archangel, snow-white, it was popularly called the "White Cathedral". It was the largest church in pre-revolutionary Yekaterinodar. It was twice visited by crowned persons: on September 22, 1888, Emperor Alexander III and his wife and sons visited it, and a quarter of a century later, on November 24, 1914, Emperor Nicholas II crossed the threshold of the cathedral.

The temple stood for only 60 years. A revolution broke out, and then - the Civil War and the establishment of Soviet power. On October 28, 1929, the cathedral was closed, and the crosses and domes were removed from it. The lower aisle houses the Museum of Atheism, and the upper - the House of Culture. On March 30, 1932, the Krasnodar City Council decided to demolish the building. The beautiful white-stone cathedral, the soul of old Yekaterinodar, was dismantled by May 1 of the same year.

The cathedral was remembered in the late 1990s, during the period of active restoration of the Cossacks and the return of traditions. It was he who was the main temple of the Kuban Cossacks, and it was in it that the regalia of the Kuban Cossack army were kept, all the ceremonies of the Cossacks of Yekaterinodar were held here.

In 1995, in the park named after Zhukov, on the site of the destroyed Military Cathedral, the construction of the chapel-chapel of the holy Prince Alexander Nevsky began. The chapel was consecrated on June 3, 2005. Shortly before this event, on December 17, 2003, at the beginning of Krasnaya Street, the first stone was laid in the foundation of a new military cathedral in a solemn atmosphere. The consecration of the reconstructed church took place on May 28, 2006. The ceremony was conducted by Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad (now - His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia).

The revived cathedral in honor of the holy blessed prince Alexander Nevsky is an exact copy of the temple located on the Cathedral Square of the city of Yekaterinodar. Its lower side-altar is reserved for the history hall of the Kuban Cossack army. The historical regalia of the Kuban Cossacks will be delivered here after their return to their homeland. When units of the Volunteer Army withdrew to the Black Sea, the regional authorities, before evacuating from Krasnodar, decided to take military regalia abroad. On February 20, 1920, the boxes with them went to Novorossiysk, so that from there the steamer would take them to Greece. The procession of the Cossack regalia ran through Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Austria, Germany, and ended in 1949 in the United States, where they are kept to this day in the Cossack Museum (Havel, New Jersey).

The city again, like a hundred years ago, is adorned with a white cathedral - the material embodiment of the highest spiritual forces of the people, the personification of the inviolable unity of the Fatherland, the living military-historical memory of the Cossacks, a symbol of military honor and loyalty to the Fatherland.

Войсковой собор во имя святого благоверного князя Александра Невского

Army cathedral in the name of the holy blessed prince Alexander Nevsky

Krasnodar region, Krasnodar, Postovaya street, 26

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