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Wonder Land

Wonder Land

Wonder Land opened its doors quite recently, but has already become popular. This is the enchanting world of the wondrous forest and its inhabitants. The fabulous place is located on the second level of the Krasnaya Polyana 960 resort, you can find it by the signs or simply by asking the resort staff for directions - you will be quickly guided.

Visitors to the park will meet the heroes of the marvelous forest in their daily life, which is unlike the usual life outside Wonder Land.

Created with love for pristine nature, the children's corner appeared in a real dense forest and filled with fairy-tale characters and magical stories. Characters from fairy tales and cartoons, fictional characters and real inhabitants of the forest are waiting for you: squirrels, raccoons, foxes, swans, peacocks and even a talking raven!

In the wondrous forest of Wonder Land, you can shoot Robin Hood's bow, save Little Red Cap's grandmother, find the Wizard and become a Superhero, and find out the terrible secret of Baba Yaga from the talking Raven.

Every day, Wonder Land hosts many activities for adults and children:

- Forest theater with daily performances

- Tent camp for outdoor games

- Aviaries with furry friends

- Forest disco

- Interactive quests for kids and adults

- Creative workshops

- Gazebos for a delicious holiday

- Organization and holding of children's parties

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