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Utrish Reserve

Заповедник «Утриш»

State natural reserve "Utrish" is located in the northwestern part of the Black Sea coast, in the Western Caucasus, a territory dominated by foothill and low-mountain landscapes. The reserve is located on the Abrau Peninsula. The cities closest to the reserve are Anapa and Novorossiysk.

The area of ​​the reserve: 9065 hectares of land and forest resources and 783 hectares of the marine area. The relief of the territory is very complex with sharp changes in elevation, with steep, often talus slopes. According to the variety of plant species growing in the reserves of Russia, the Utrish reserve is among the top three. Its unique ecosystems are represented by dry eastern Mediterranean subtropics with a large number of endemics and relics that have survived from the Tertiary period.

On the territory of the reserve you can find unique representatives of flora and fauna:

- 1000 year old trees;

- mute swans;

- rare species of Mediterranean butterflies;

- loons and toadstools.

The migration routes of horse mackerel, anchovy, mackerel and bottlenose dolphins pass through the waters of the marine reserve.

More than 380 plant species found here are listed in the Red Book of Krasnodar region.

Заповедник «Утриш»

Utrish Reserve

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